The Jubilee of 2025

The next Jubilee will be in 2025 and there is great expectation among the faithful from all over the world. Its importance is also recognized and respected by other faiths around the world.

The last Jubilee was the extraordinary one of 2015 wanted by Pope Francis. The one that will take place in 2025 will be the second with Pope Francis.

As many know, the Jubilee is a special year of grace, in which the Catholic Church offers the faithful the possibility of asking for a plenary indulgence, that is, the remission of sins for themselves or for deceased relatives.

A Jubilee usually lasts a year and a few days: it begins just before the Christian Christmas and ends the Epiphany of the following year.

The most exciting and well-known rite is certainly the opening of the Holy Door. This gate is open only during the jubilee year and the 4 main ones are the major basilicas of Rome: St. Peter, Archbasilica of St John Lateran, St. Paul Outside the Walls and St Mary Major. The first to be opened is St. Peter's Basilica, the other doors are opened in the following days and remain open until the end of the Jubilee when they are once again walled up.

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The Holy Doors in Rome

The four papal basilicas of Rome which have a Holy Door.