Pope Francis

The Jubilee of 2025 will be the second with Pope Francis leading the Church.
The extraordinary one of 2015 was called by the Pope himself and was the only one in which the opening of the holy door took place in the presence of two popes: the Pope emeritus (Benedict XVI) and the reigning Pope (Francis).

Pope Francis, born Jorge Mario Bergoglio is the 266th Pope of the Catholic Church and is the first of Argentine nationality and the first to come from the American continent.

He was elected in 2013 after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.

During his pontificate he made numerous apostolic journeys. The first of these was in Lampedusa where he highlighted the theme of welcoming migrants, which he too spoke about on his trip to America, first to Cuba and then to the United States of America. During this visit he gave speeches to the UN and to the Congress (the first Pontiff to speak in this institutional place) where he spoke about the environmental theme, so dear to him, and the fight against religious fanaticism of any origin, human rights and individual and civil liberties.

In 2015 Pope Francis announced an extraordinary Jubilee dedicated to mercy and to give a sign of the Church's closeness to Central African countries, he decided to open the holy door of the cathedral of Bangui, the capital of the Central African Republic, in advance of the beginning of the jubilee.

During the Extraordinary Jubilee, Pope Francis highlighted Jesus Christ's message on mercy.
For the Pontiff, the problem is not that of never making mistakes, but of knowing how to recognize one's own error and recover and in this, Christian morality represents an authentic revolution.

In recent years, many have returned to Christianity and have again approached the sacrament of confession, thanks to what many have called the "Pope Francis effect".